Oral history interview with Sam Ringgold Jr.

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In this interview, Sam Ringgold discusses his childhood experiences growing up in Kent County focusing on his educational experiences and how they lead him into his eventual career path in broadcasting and public relations. He discusses his experiences in vocational school and what led him to that decision. He also discusses many of the high profile stories he covered during his time as a broadcaster and journalist, and how that has helped him in his crisis management career today. He also discusses social media, activism, and police accountability drawing from personal experience and perceptions of modern movements.

December 18 2020

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The Lives and Families of Chesapeake Heartland Oral History Initiative
Family, Civil rights movements, Police, Police ethics, Education (Higher), Vocational school students, Communication, Radio broadcasting, Journalism, Television, Black lives matter movement, Social media, Racism, Discrimination, School integration Chestertown

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