• Mr. William Skinner note for $50
Mr. William Skinner note for $50
Mr. William Skinner note for $50

Mr. William Skinner note for $50


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A note recording a payment of $50 due to Thomas B. Cook from Mr. William Skinner in exchange for a year of labor from an enslaved man named Emory.


I promise and oblige myself my heirs executors and adminstrators to pay or cause to be paid unto Thomas B Cook the Sum of fifty dollars current money of maryland for the Hire of one negro man named Emory for one year beginning the first day January 1815 and ending the Last day of December in the Same year I agree to give Said negro two country Linnen Shirts and two pair of trousers of Same one good Suit of Country [illegible] yarn Stocking and Double Sealed Shoes and one wool hat this my hand and Seal
December 1 - 1814.                                                                            William Skinne[illegible]

[illegible] M. Sherwood

December 1 1814

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